you're right here

Dancing with each other: sweetly denying the space between us.

You're right here.

I mean, here we are.

(Something like that)

Trying to keep the distance from creeping in between us.

Getting closer even.


We are sharing our conversations here. (Call this my attempt to keep our community nourished and connected by fostering playtime.)

Each new video on the home page begins a chain of responses. Each response is a study on something inspired by the original video. Responses are short (2-4ish minutes) in an attempt to keep us to the point.

The original participants were invited by myself, Mônica Mata Gilliam. For those of you I’ve not yet asked or met, who might be interested in contributing to this project, please do. Just go to the "participate" page and send me a link to the video you’d like to submit.

Please keep in mind the primary agenda of this project. Behind our backs and forths we are looking to address the question of what it means to share space with one another when we’re not physically together. I have my own hypotheses about the hyper-intimate (though somewhat impersonal) connections we make as the spaces between us become more permeable. I’d love to interact with the other ideas floating around out there. Please know that each contribution directly guides this discourse and for all input I am grateful.

Performance!: This past December Alice Gosti and I finally stepped off the screen to perform an evening based on the dances from the site. We were accompanied by our own videos as well as those of the lovely Zena Bibler (seen all over the place here). denying the space between us was a wonderful success. Please look to the "performance" page for a link to the webcast we put together from one of the shows. Thank you to everyone who took part in these evenings, either through your presence or inspiring additions to the site.

***Please Note: Images and order of videos on this home page will be updated to show the newest post. Hopefully this will help you as you obsessively check to find new posts***